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Jul. 11th, 2025


what this is:

This journal is my way of venting about stuff and just talking about what i want. People's names have been changed but I'll add a list of references soon.


Alice = that's me ;)

Sharon = roommate #1 (female) 
Brian = roommate #2 (male)
Jackie = friend i work with (female)
Miles = Jackie's boyfriend (male)
Taryn = my best friend (female)
Kane = my best friends almost hubby (male)

Jul. 26th, 2010


overdue ....


So I know I haven’t posted in a while but nothing has irked me. Brian moved out and is with a friend so I don’t have to deal with his dumb butt anymore. Which is happy happy joy joy for me. I mean I feel better now that he is gone. Brian told Sharon that he didn’t want to hurt her chances of staying with me but we both are glad he is gone.

(Bigger update as soon as I write it, but pizza first.)



Jul. 7th, 2010


give a cat a bath & laundry day

So today I went to the Laundromat with Sharon. We do this because we don’t have a working dryer, just another thing I have to buy and/or fix. Anyways at the Laundromat we are doing our thing, clothes in washer add some soap, and then go get change. So I pass this guy, I don’t think much of him, and his friend. After I get my quarters I look at the guy and realize that it is one of my ex-boyfriends(he doesn’t eve deserve a fake name btw).

This ex was a jerk; he only dated me until someone better came along. Asshole right? Oh yeah I think so. Well it’s been like three years since I’ve seen him. I don’t give this guy thought. I’ve grown up from that experience and I now guard myself better. Anyways since he is there he realizes it’s me and he is with his new “woman” nothing against her but he was a jerk when I dated him a bet he still is one.

I ignore them, all three of them. I’ve moved on. And if anyone has been here and you know you being the better person, props to you. But this doesn’t mean you should stare me down while I am putting my things in the dryer. And I know you were cuz you and your girl were both looking at me.

Is this mature? Heck no. Is this annoying? Heck yes! And there was really no point to it. Yeah sure I guess he has this story about how I was probably horrible and pointing and staring and telling your new girl probably makes you both feel better. I seriously didn’t care, I don’t like to be stared at but what can you do?

I also wish that I looked better. You all know what I’m talking about when you see the ex that screws you over. You want to look like you came off the runway, perfect clothes, hair and skin. Well for me it was laundry day so a pair of jeans and a t-shirt was my outfit. No makeup or heels, no hair products. How sad. But I lived.

I guess this just means there is life after the assholes that screw you over and you’ll live your life long after they are out of your lives. But this makes me think I need as better outfit to do the laundry in. *ponders*


Also what I did today before laundry was give my kitty Polly a bath. Yep I said bath, an actual soap and water bath. She didn’t like it but was a good girl and let me do it anyways. She smells like orange dish soap and now is super duper soft. I did this because I think she has fleas, this helps. But only do this to small cats you can control my big one would eat my arm off. ;)

-Queen A

Jul. 5th, 2010


Oh No They Didn't

Ok this came from another livejournal ohnotheydidnt and I found it funny. Now please do not get me wrong. I do love Twilight, maybe not as much as some, I don't want ot get in a turf war with anyone and scream and bicker about how much Harry Potter is better. I find things like this amusing I mean there has to be humor in life. I'm sure not going to hate anyone for not loving Harry Potter they way I do. We are all different. Now to the post:

TIME's 5 Reasons We Love Harry Potter More Than Twilight

Like i said this made me laugh but this comment was by far the best it was by: pirate_smiles (i'm not sure where they got it from so credit to whomever did it first) and it's under this cut enjoy:

i laughed so hard i woke up my roommateCollapse )

Jul. 1st, 2010


peace & quiet/to do list.

Nothing huge to report really. Brian has apparently gotten the hint and has been staying at other places for a night or too leaving Sharon and me with the house to ourselves. Which is nice he doesn’t hog the TV this way, and i don't hear him whine all the time. Although when he came home last night he was like I got to take a hot shower at “so and so’s” house and I said “big deal”.

See you have to realize that my house needs a few things and well I work at a grocery store I’m not Donald Trump. So Sharon and I have a to do list, because she is nice and she said she’s help me. To do list item number one and two: fix the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. This will require a plumber because we don’t know what we’re doing.

To do list item number three: fix the hot water heater. It needs a thermo couple thing. Again I will need a professional to come in because I can barely remember what it is called. Item number four: something to do with the stove, it needs a pipe to run from the gas supply to the actual stove through the floor. [Can we say professional?]

Item number five: the bathroom. The bathroom works in all aspects but it’s ugly. It needs new paint tiles and Sharon and I are going to put in linoleum. Which I will be happy to do I think we can do that on our own.

But those are the big things. I still need to arrange and paint my room a new color but that’s not as huge thing. And the water bit? Well I went for a while without water, he can complain all he wants I’m happy to turn on a faucet and find cold water and nothing else it’s the greatest feeling ever! And if you know what I’m talking about then I’m glad. Until next time.

Queen AC


Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

I am looking foward to it! No i am not one of the lucky people who saw it at midnight like last year. Which i am sad about, I have to wait for this week's pay check to get there. But this was my favorite book. I love that we found out more about Jasper and Rosalie, This book seemed to have it all action and romance so the movie should be wonderful.

Jun. 22nd, 2010


a wedding

So my bestie best friend (Taryn) is going to get married of Friday the twenty-fifth! It’s not going to be anything big; they’re just going to the court house in my home town. She has to come back here because her and her boyfriend (Kane) moved Pennsylvania. And their families protested that they should come back. I said tell me when it is I’ll hop on a plane because I’ve known this girl since I was eleven years old. She is the only girl I still talk to from high school even weird right?

Well needless to say I’m super duper excited to see Taryn and Kane. I have seen Taryn since Christmas and Kane stayed behind. Also Taryn has a seven year old daughter named “Kristin” and she is already here because Taryn was married once before and her ex-husband lives in the same city as me and as Taryn used too. But I haven’t seen Kristin yet because I don’t talk to Taryn’s ex a lot, loyalty you know.

So I hope to see the Kristin at the wedding and after, because kids get so big so fast! I still feel like she should be five or something!! Also in honor of my best friend coming I’m getting all pretty today! Jackie and I are supposed to get pedicures and then my getting a haircut and my eyebrows waxed, boy do my eyebrows need it. I’m also wearing a dress on Friday, and I don’t do that often trust me.

**side note: I’m really glad Taryn and Kane are getting married for real. Kane is such a good guy and Taryn deserves some happiness. If I can’t see my best friend all the time, then I want her to be happy you know?


That’s all for now.


Jun. 19th, 2010


a party.

So last night I went to a work party. Not really for people I work for just my co-workers, or at least some of them. We were celebrating birthdays, like five people in my section have their birthdays clustered together this weekend and next week.

Well Jackie is a drinker and it seemed every time I fell behind she made me drink more. I’m sure I didn’t catch up with her, but I was feeling pretty good. The party was fun but also for one of my co-workers it was sad. “Carter” is having some marriage problems and it looks like it may not have ended well. (that’s all I’m gonna say about that)

Carter was in a sad state; last night and as most of us know sadness and drinking don’t go together. He drank a lot I think, I was inside for some of it. You know how boys get when they around each other. They talk about a lot of things… so a while goes by and Carter comes inside and goes to the bathroom. He washes his face and everything seems ok, he is stumbling pretty badly but we think ‘he’s fine!’ but two seconds later we hear a thud from the kitchen and there is carter on the kitchen floor.

He lays there for fifteen minutes (I’ll skip the gross stuff) and we make sure he is ok, try to give him water to rinse his mouth and well we make sure he is breathing.

**side note: at this point I’m feeling pretty good the world is a great place. Jackie left and Sharon was with me, she is how I got home, driving is a bad idea for me. **

I go outside some point down some steep stairs in my opinion, and inform Carter’s friend that Carter is on the floor in the kitchen. “James” comes inside and helps Sharon and me. Plus “Marcus” comes in to. Marcus is HOT by the way. Ha ha. Anyhoo, James and Marcus get Carter sitting up and then falls into the stove. They try again and get him to the front of the house.

At this point carter has an entourage following him, telling James to be careful it’s raining etc. and then Carter says probably the saddest thing I think I’ve heard him say “I wish my wife liked me”. My heart broke, but my buzz was still good. I’m a tad insensitive when I’m drinking, but today I feel really bad. Carter is a good guy so seeing him like this is was heartbreaking. It was a good time but a sad time you know?

Queen of broken hearts.


Writer's Block: Weekend wish list

What's your idea of the perfect weekend? Do you generally prefer unstructured time or a busy social calendar?

unstructured. I would love to catch some sleep but also hang out with my friends doing silly things. Board games, a movie, maybe a concert. Just having a good time, that would be the greatest day to me.

Jun. 18th, 2010


cone of shame

So this actually happened. My smallest cat “Polly” deiced to lick her back haunches raw. I’m talking no fur there just redness. Anyways Sharon and I go to a pet place for a “cone of shame”. Yes just like is Disney and Pixar’s UP. And if you haven’t seen that movie, shame on you!!

SIDENOTE: the movie UP made me sad right away I think it did that to everyone but I was really shocked it dealt with death that soon. All though Jackie points out most Disney cartoons are like that. Cinderella, the Lion King, Bambi. I could go on; I guess I thought this one was going to be more cheerful. (Back to my story)

Ok so Sharon and I go into the pet store and we leave Brian outside in the car. So inside the pet place it smells really old because it is an older pet place in town. Well we got searching for the “cone of shame” and got interested in the kitty toys and scratching posts. There are a lot of kitty accessories that I felt we needed, Sharon too. But we didn’t get any we were good girls.

After five minutes of hopelessly searching I went to the front desk. And I may not have said this but I have no idea what else to call the “cone of shame” I don’t know its proper name I just know it from the cartoon. So being the person I am I actually go up to the desk and ask the man, “where do I find a cone of shame?” and I do hand motions around my head just in case it wasn’t clear to him what I wanted. I mean he could be the type of person who never saw that cartoon.

The man gave me a weird look but told me to follow him; he also told me the proper name of the product. But I forgot it because “cone of shame” is so much more fun to say. In the end I bought what I wanted for $2.30 and brought it home. I threatened Polly with the cone, we tried to put it on her she went psycho but she hasn’t licked herself there again. I think problem solved at least for now.


Queen A

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